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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber jb70online15431577187585806120719 Nov '17 13:52Challenge Player
Subscriber Bobthebassonline156343582321175528219 Nov '17 13:52Challenge Player
Subscriber Redshoesonline131714347266179119 Nov '17 13:51Challenge Player
Standard member Mr Walkeronline1169341915019 Nov '17 13:49Challenge Player
Standard member spowellonline13308093764132019 Nov '17 13:49Challenge Player
Standard member lcfcjsponline1409204294793815719 Nov '17 13:49Challenge Player
Subscriber Crossy Foxonline1409916130019 Nov '17 13:49Challenge Player
Subscriber autolycusonline13002927131415229119 Nov '17 13:48Challenge Player
Standard member Johnharris100824452187519 Nov '17 13:48Challenge Player
Standard member The Master DJonline1254492324219 Nov '17 13:48Challenge Player
Standard member storres9online113511084076703119 Nov '17 13:46Challenge Player
Standard member Lord Sharkonline16047564372417819 Nov '17 13:46Challenge Player
Standard member Alex Bestononline1588714124619 Nov '17 13:46Challenge Player
Subscriber Bicsbonline9005501503901019 Nov '17 13:46Challenge Player
Standard member janeharris10566191614352319 Nov '17 13:46Challenge Player
Standard member RedChessonline114211074696231519 Nov '17 13:46Challenge Player
Subscriber gunnygarthonline133312325356633419 Nov '17 13:44Challenge Player
Standard member Solondononline12024413180225624919 Nov '17 13:44Challenge Player
Subscriber pineapple421220108484417563779419 Nov '17 13:43Challenge Player
Subscriber FlyingWolf14402024691115018319 Nov '17 13:43Challenge Player
Standard member sugababe13259475873213919 Nov '17 13:42Challenge Player
Standard member AugurNambulus9928143364453319 Nov '17 13:41Challenge Player
Standard member bridgemagoo216248183433849119 Nov '17 13:40Challenge Player
Subscriber Mrs Hogbin13912280125791011319 Nov '17 13:39Challenge Player
Subscriber imetfischer138856302408275646619 Nov '17 13:37Challenge Player
Standard member Pawn Hatchetmen19404883421133319 Nov '17 13:37Challenge Player
Standard member ladyjam1032279109164619 Nov '17 13:37Challenge Player
Subscriber lausey17492162108897310119 Nov '17 13:37Challenge Player
Standard member thumby1359400164233319 Nov '17 13:37Challenge Player
Standard member lady penelope16387885861703219 Nov '17 13:36Challenge Player

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