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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member CoolColinonline13477703723742426 Jul '17 10:44Challenge Player
Subscriber david1947online109631571219182811026 Jul '17 10:44Challenge Player
Subscriber Alex Fosteronline13379524404704226 Jul '17 10:44Challenge Player
Standard member Forest Till I Dieonline12488323814203126 Jul '17 10:44Challenge Player
Subscriber Crossy Foxonline130123158026 Jul '17 10:43Challenge Player
Subscriber NN Cheaponline20804560377248830026 Jul '17 10:43Challenge Player
Subscriber Ragwortonline20223230207573941626 Jul '17 10:43Challenge Player
Subscriber norburykingdomonline115215406498721926 Jul '17 10:42Challenge Player
Standard member AugurNambulusonline9107873214343226 Jul '17 10:42Challenge Player
Standard member Sam Austinonline1598836019426 Jul '17 10:42Challenge Player
Standard member Blood On The Tracksonline1410280155122326 Jul '17 10:42Challenge Player
Standard member Alex Bestononline1595553317526 Jul '17 10:41Challenge Player
Subscriber Hyperion7online1425179710137087626 Jul '17 10:41Challenge Player
Subscriber FlyingWolf13481923655109817026 Jul '17 10:41Challenge Player
Subscriber malvernoonline12195302732312626 Jul '17 10:40Challenge Player
Subscriber jb70online15681488582745448116326 Jul '17 10:40Challenge Player
Standard member WhiteHorsesonline16792379125492420126 Jul '17 10:40Challenge Player
Standard member tangerinechromeonline1231944548126 Jul '17 10:40Challenge Player
Standard member dieselfitteronline14516033062732426 Jul '17 10:39Challenge Player
Standard member jr007rogonline12373401791451626 Jul '17 10:38Challenge Player
Subscriber Christopher Albononline119420613126 Jul '17 10:36Challenge Player
Standard member dougthedoconline15962821391261726 Jul '17 10:35Challenge Player
Subscriber rookywoodonline15964602411704926 Jul '17 10:35Challenge Player
Subscriber avjack14614712422141526 Jul '17 10:34Challenge Player
Standard member Madmud140217310069426 Jul '17 10:33Challenge Player
Standard member michael147312128333674363026 Jul '17 10:31Challenge Player
Subscriber KingsWaterman14821168529226 Jul '17 10:29Challenge Player
Standard member Simon Leyland143223113587926 Jul '17 10:27Challenge Player
Standard member James Huffington1076531736026 Jul '17 10:27Challenge Player
Standard member conceptart1343854665180926 Jul '17 10:27Challenge Player

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