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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber adalia bipunctata142955172447275131925 Apr '18 12:02Challenge Player
Subscriber carl marxonline11202968118017028625 Apr '18 12:01Challenge Player
Standard member Obvious_Overtureonline1374218911219957325 Apr '18 12:00Challenge Player
Standard member Trebor1000online1358500252244425 Apr '18 11:59Challenge Player
Subscriber bignigonline114247242257232913825 Apr '18 11:59Challenge Player
Subscriber S0APonline146151512164258740025 Apr '18 11:58Challenge Player
Standard member LudlowLiononline128813427545345425 Apr '18 11:58Challenge Player
Standard member Eggcatcheronline155813226545888025 Apr '18 11:58Challenge Player
Standard member spowellonline13958303894202125 Apr '18 11:58Challenge Player
Standard member Superstuonline14221227540725 Apr '18 11:58Challenge Player
Standard member Jimbo6online11175532552801825 Apr '18 11:57Challenge Player
Subscriber munichmickonline164430451390132433125 Apr '18 11:56Challenge Player
Standard member The Gravediggeronline1884881759705225 Apr '18 11:56Challenge Player
Standard member fieldfareonline16222840227445611025 Apr '18 11:54Challenge Player
Standard member Madmudonline156622713882725 Apr '18 11:54Challenge Player
Standard member Julian Chapmanonline1087531832325 Apr '18 11:53Challenge Player
Standard member Burmanatoronline12881779186025 Apr '18 11:53Challenge Player
Subscriber danrose84online12142393106212904125 Apr '18 11:53Challenge Player
Subscriber dreams99online1280288297318436625 Apr '18 11:53Challenge Player
Standard member Salavariaonline137616471781525 Apr '18 11:53Challenge Player
Standard member Wobblydeb12526982524311525 Apr '18 11:52Challenge Player
Standard member MrVertigo146410994536113525 Apr '18 11:52Challenge Player
Subscriber malverno11875802972552825 Apr '18 11:51Challenge Player
Standard member dunadan1358514262244825 Apr '18 11:50Challenge Player
Standard member Ahmed Gattoo135421398112325 Apr '18 11:49Challenge Player
Standard member tim1517694342721342825 Apr '18 11:48Challenge Player
Standard member Chuck D1359723037525 Apr '18 11:48Challenge Player
Standard member fabius bile13575292622491825 Apr '18 11:48Challenge Player
Standard member Adam1k1059612258349525 Apr '18 11:47Challenge Player
Subscriber Bobthebass153846472459188130725 Apr '18 11:47Challenge Player

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