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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber retsnomaligonline14187533953322622 Sep '18 16:28Challenge Player
Standard member chesserineonline18919262191122 Sep '18 16:24Challenge Player
Standard member Sir P128215418866282722 Sep '18 16:12Challenge Player
Standard member grannywombat11427943863941422 Sep '18 16:03Challenge Player
Subscriber Bruin151510136113505222 Sep '18 15:58Challenge Player
Standard member Gary Kleiman15065022572192622 Sep '18 15:57Challenge Player
Subscriber entropy5133423611133106016822 Sep '18 15:57Challenge Player
Standard member mybex196116101028415322 Sep '18 15:54Challenge Player
Standard member Athena1979804386613121322 Sep '18 15:48Challenge Player
Standard member Mark Dunn1240562926122 Sep '18 15:42Challenge Player
Standard member Chessnovice918341321022 Sep '18 15:29Challenge Player
Standard member Number2133711246834053622 Sep '18 15:28Challenge Player
Subscriber mcmre13082657133812239622 Sep '18 15:18Challenge Player
Subscriber Greg Williams1381194289610034322 Sep '18 14:47Challenge Player
Standard member Kev Pereira1119612238122 Sep '18 14:46Challenge Player
Standard member dpgiles987269159820464722 Sep '18 14:35Challenge Player
Subscriber Megsy129712926825605022 Sep '18 14:33Challenge Player
Standard member Huey2712086192333681822 Sep '18 14:32Challenge Player
Subscriber kiwipyc140613778155303222 Sep '18 14:27Challenge Player
Subscriber Celsius I126999614668493136222 Sep '18 14:16Challenge Player
Standard member Louis the XV145812925237105922 Sep '18 14:11Challenge Player
Standard member Dunky13556223282722222 Sep '18 14:09Challenge Player
Subscriber Red House160054722762239531522 Sep '18 13:57Challenge Player
Standard member bigazza1514874039822 Sep '18 13:56Challenge Player
Standard member ephraim148012537324566522 Sep '18 13:53Challenge Player
Standard member dexter67143114317896172522 Sep '18 13:51Challenge Player
Subscriber patisfat949175856111336422 Sep '18 13:50Challenge Player
Standard member Roman III13258113773716322 Sep '18 13:45Challenge Player
Standard member Otto Reitanop 1165826022 Sep '18 13:36Challenge Player
Standard member Old Boy12546974672181222 Sep '18 13:34Challenge Player

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