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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Celsius I144099314658491136223 Jul '18 03:31Challenge Player
Subscriber kiwipyconline141113467975183123 Jul '18 03:30Challenge Player
Standard member dexter67online138014147786112523 Jul '18 03:27Challenge Player
Standard member kb5online1420208610359757623 Jul '18 03:26Challenge Player
Standard member JohnL55online1049863449323 Jul '18 03:25Challenge Player
Subscriber bowie7online11544540214823365623 Jul '18 03:25Challenge Player
Standard member Kev Pereira1215351321123 Jul '18 03:18Challenge Player
Subscriber check007144812646495714423 Jul '18 03:18Challenge Player
Subscriber entropy5134123521129105516823 Jul '18 03:17Challenge Player
Subscriber bundydog161442192579310716123 Jul '18 03:16Challenge Player
Subscriber The Postman124138301891183310623 Jul '18 03:16Challenge Player
Standard member Gary Kleiman14374952522172623 Jul '18 03:16Challenge Player
Standard member toot115744562701741223 Jul '18 03:08Challenge Player
Subscriber wanderm118724094139723 Jul '18 03:06Challenge Player
Standard member Kai Schulz16511378050723 Jul '18 03:04Challenge Player
Subscriber Mrjaws177115211333623 Jul '18 03:03Challenge Player
Subscriber boydie151311695385824923 Jul '18 02:58Challenge Player
Subscriber buggadog124766742785363325623 Jul '18 02:58Challenge Player
Standard member Dubiville1686147067959619523 Jul '18 02:57Challenge Player
Standard member Hegyesi15423251761183123 Jul '18 02:56Challenge Player
Standard member shaffs007149311435325733823 Jul '18 02:55Challenge Player
Subscriber Barguest1576855127723 Jul '18 02:49Challenge Player
Standard member happy chappy153726116985723 Jul '18 02:47Challenge Player
Standard member Tabby Cat11991357159523 Jul '18 02:46Challenge Player
Standard member Louis the XV150612375046765723 Jul '18 02:44Challenge Player
Standard member bigazza1536552923323 Jul '18 02:39Challenge Player
Standard member Cos Russo136134641385193814123 Jul '18 02:39Challenge Player
Standard member Nathan B10107833504122123 Jul '18 02:37Challenge Player
Subscriber Lightening Stu13223201141817226123 Jul '18 02:36Challenge Player
Subscriber JohnHG11167073233711323 Jul '18 02:35Challenge Player

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