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Chess Player Directory for Canada

Chess Player Directory for Canada

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Donation Robert Mathesononline159224631210103721621 Feb '18 13:00Challenge Player
Standard member mikeyp2008online15521479845421 Feb '18 13:00Challenge Player
Standard member captainkonline1262233589313835921 Feb '18 13:00Challenge Player
Standard member Ghe Ptzonline1300224117103421 Feb '18 12:59Challenge Player
Standard member Jerry Warringtononline1227848384455921 Feb '18 12:59Challenge Player
Standard member MacBethonline12981457370221 Feb '18 12:58Challenge Player
Subscriber The Dark Knight 777online115729611379147510721 Feb '18 12:57Challenge Player
Standard member rlbatezonline16898754693307621 Feb '18 12:57Challenge Player
Standard member gougou1963online11681195464121 Feb '18 12:52Challenge Player
Subscriber Luft1903133097024711321 Feb '18 12:50Challenge Player
Standard member Trek1st152611198252652921 Feb '18 12:49Challenge Player
Standard member yorea13574522531891021 Feb '18 12:48Challenge Player
Subscriber Jonathan Schmidt157012348043349621 Feb '18 12:48Challenge Player
Standard member jeffb1242435238192521 Feb '18 12:46Challenge Player
Standard member Dust196477370860221 Feb '18 12:46Challenge Player
Subscriber steen49107113686227103621 Feb '18 12:45Challenge Player
Standard member littlecritter13081627578921 Feb '18 12:45Challenge Player
Subscriber happyrock16168935523014021 Feb '18 12:44Challenge Player
Subscriber Robert Huston128216780721521 Feb '18 12:44Challenge Player
Standard member xjohn13072094900107212221 Feb '18 12:43Challenge Player
Standard member Pascal Faucher94229522221 Feb '18 12:42Challenge Player
Subscriber ouroboros16011615784996000165821 Feb '18 12:42Challenge Player
Standard member agent33126411434296229221 Feb '18 12:41Challenge Player
Standard member ggpestano16081127629721 Feb '18 12:40Challenge Player
Standard member modit blanc1345331215113321 Feb '18 12:40Challenge Player
Standard member Romulus194712053922031761321 Feb '18 12:38Challenge Player
Standard member 5WeeksVacation1223734330021 Feb '18 12:36Challenge Player
Standard member tricotine9946142733281321 Feb '18 12:33Challenge Player
Subscriber A1cook87410665265261421 Feb '18 12:32Challenge Player
Standard member Canadiancowboy11457125181722221 Feb '18 12:30Challenge Player

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