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Played my first game of chess aged 5. By the age of 14 was school captain and lost our first match 7 to 1 to a Grammar school. I did beat their captain though who was not impressed. Happily married for 32 years with two children both now working. Have more time these days and this is a fantastic web site bringing nations together through logic and intellectual prowres most of the time.
Always applaud great chess when being on the receiving end. Keen golfer and never used computers as only cheating ones self. Ratings and handicap going hand in hand with realistic goals and challenges. Always striving to improve alas age and time can hinder. Great for the brain, chess should be played by everyone. In case I forget, I have enjoyed playing against you.

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Tourn. Entry Rating1572

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Opponent Average Rating148514611461
Games Rated54260266
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