1. Standard membershavixmir
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    Sewers of Holland
    31 Jan '04
    14 Dec '18 16:10
    Reading, writing, arithmetic.
    Where places are on a map.
    The general time line of history, so you csn place films, stories, yourself.

    And most importantly: nurturing curiosity.
    Get those kids interested in whatever and teach them how to find out more and express themselves.
  2. SubscriberPonderableonline
    22 Apr '05
    09 Dec '18 06:51
  3. Standard membercaissad4
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    08 Mar '04
    09 Dec '18 09:31
    @philokalia said

    Many founding fathers, like John Jay, wanted a state religion... Moreover, the interpretations of this are thoroughly broad, which is exactly why In God We Trust was minted on our money and the initial years focused on the notion of no sect being favored over another, or simply as religion not being a means of discrimination, not for a French rote style hard secularism.
    I am a coin collector and know exactly who ordered the phrase "In God We Trust" be placed upon our coinage. It was not a Founding Father, they were all dead by that time.
  4. SubscriberSuzianne
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    08 Aug '03
    11 Dec '18 07:26
    "Crazy Eyes" Cortez...

    Hey, whodey, how about everytime we reference your name in this forum, we preface it with "Shameless Liar"? Would that be fair?
  5. Standard membervivify
    08 Mar '11
    12 Dec '18 05:42
    I'm pretty drunk right now. I'm not kidding.
  6. SubscriberGhost of a Duke
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    in London
    14 Mar '15
    09 Dec '18 14:44
    @very-rusty said
    Hey your the one talked about your time being wasted, I didn't waste it. You did by replying....LOL... You're so silly at times!!

    I'm sure there is great wisdom in your prattle sir. I'm just struggling to locate it.
  7. SubscriberPonderableonline
    22 Apr '05
    09 Dec '18 14:52

    Well you could still post your beautifully crafted apology here (maybe not naming the person directly) and it will move their heart?
  8. Subscriberno1marauder
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    22 Jun '04
    10 Dec '18 03:27
    @metal-brain said
    Cohen's testimony is not worth much though. Trump can easily claim Cohen is just saying that to save his own ass.

    I don't think people really care much about this aside from house democrats that feel obligated to make a big deal about it.
    Trump can claim whatever he wants, but many of his prior claims have already been shown to be falsehoods.

    Contrary to your beliefs, support for impeachment of Trump is already higher than it was for Nixon at a similar point in their respective administration. As more evidence of criminal wrongdoer becomes public, it is reasonable to surmise that support will grow.
  9. Subscribermoonbus
    31 May '12
    10 Dec '18 14:441 edit
    @very-rusty said
    LOL...I feel so embarrassed now.....really do you think I am embarrassing myself saying you are just backing out your clan leader? Everyone knows it is true!!! Also you've had an on going back and forth with me for sometime now. I don't see it ending in the near future, unless of course one of us pass! 😛 😉 Moonbus is doing the same as you, monkey see monkey do! 😉

    It's nothing to do with clan membership or you personally, Rusty. You're the one who made this personal. If any two other posters had had the same exchange, my comment would have been the same.

    One can steal a glance at a bawdy painting or a statue, or any inanimate object which cannot look back, so your comment about looking someone in the eye was irrelevant. It would be just as irrelevant if Suzi or GoaD or anyone else had said it; but no one else did.
  10. Behind the scenes
    27 Jun '16
    10 Dec '18 21:08
    @badradger said
    putting back tomorrows vote, she is a dead woman walking.
    This may be true, but I'd trade Theresa May for the loon in our White House anytime!
  11. Standard memberHandyAndy
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    23 Sep '06
    11 Dec '18 02:11
    @whodey said

    So she is Jewish, eh?

    I hear she is 1/1024...........................IQ level, but I don't know about being Jewish.

    Does anyone care?
    Only jerks like you.
  12. Standard memberwolfgang59
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    09 Jun '07
    11 Dec '18 02:38
    @philokalia said
    I think that's just a convenient excuse. I think you were mad. I think you are actually quite prickly about these things.

    You made a mistake -- and you deleted your mistakes.

    It's OK, though: no judgment. Nobody is perfect. Sometimes we all get angry and hostile.
    I would suggest that your thinking is totally bonkers.
    That's what I think.
    And you should have kept it to yourself - it does not aid the debate at all does it?
  13. Joined
    07 Feb '09
    11 Dec '18 03:30
    @averagejoe1 said
    We (dem and repub alike) def shouldcare about this person. Socialism doesn’t work. I’d think she knows that. And Here is a strange.... knowing full well that there are socialists in this forum, why is it never proffered for discussion, never touted by them?
    I'm not a big fan of Socialism.
    But maybe you could start by enlightening us all on why Socialism doesn't work.
    But first, get off on the right foot by telling us what Socialism is.

    Not trying to belittle or insult you.
    But too many people out there trashing Socialism without even knowing what it is.
  14. Joined
    16 Jan '07
    11 Dec '18 12:301 edit
    @averagejoe1 said
    (Please, why the ad hominem aspersions..). Ok, Socialism is pretty much that no matter who works, who works harder, who doesn’t work, create , produce, be charitable, who has 5 kids, who has no kids, who saves lives, who saves nothing, who defends our freedom, who goes surfing everyday... They ALL own the factories and businesses etc in this country, they ALL own the val ...[text shortened]... s the guy with no kids get to own the same percentage of our production as does the guy with 5 kids?
    That's not socialism.
  15. Joined
    29 Dec '08
    11 Dec '18 14:511 edit
    Those who cast the net of deregulation indiscriminately should review two cases in the area of pharmaceuticals - The 1937 Elixir Sulfanilamide Incident, and thalidomide birth defects. No, I’m not going to do your homework for you.
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